Hama Sportsline Beamer M (101065)

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HAMA (HAMA-101065) Чанта за проектор HAMA "Sportsline", M, Черен

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Hama Чанта за проектор HAMA " Sportsline" , M, Черен (HAMA 101065)

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HAMA Чанта за проектор 'Sportsline'-M- р-р: 32х10х23см - HAMA-101065

43,20 лв
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Hama "Sportsline" Projector Bag, M, black

- Provides all-round protection for your projector and allows easy transportation
- Projector bag with all round padding and flexible interior layout
- Two large additional pads (can be positioned as desired) with hook and loop fastener
- Adjustable, removable hook and loop inner divider
- Strap for securing the projector
- Metal border provides stability
- Removable pocket for cables
- Large zipped mesh pocket for accessories, with hidden zip, to protect the surface of the projector
- Front pocket outside
- Document compartment on the back
- Padded handle
- Removable shoulder strap

Material: Polytex
Model: Classic Bag
Inside Dimensions W x D x H: 32 x 23 x 10 cm
Weight: 800 g
Colour: Black Продукт известен още и като Sportsline Beamer M 101065, SportslineBeamerM101065, Sportsline Beamer M ( 101065)
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